Ebony Mas 

Endless Vibrations

Join Ebony Mas for Nottinghill Carnival 2018, as we deliver an experience like never before!

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Music is the purest form of expression. It is the universal language of mankind.

Calypso music is a diverse form of storytelling whether this is political, social or humorous commentary. The journey to the core of calypso music teaches the wonderer the history and struggle of our ancestors.

Soca began as an infusion of Afro and Indo-Caribbean music. Today, it incorporates many music genres. At the heart of soca, you will find freedom and expression.
Endless Vibrations lends itself to the first ever soca album by Garfield Blackman aka Lord Shorty, the Father of soca

Endless Vibrations is based on the feeling that soca music evokes from the listener. These feelings include:

– Passion: brings out the ecstasy and devotion you feel when you hear Soca. It spreads a sweet, playful and a romantic rhythmic blend of music that makes the listener universally in love with him or herself.
– Power: influences the listener to sway to the music’s commanding beat. It is like taking a dip in the depths of the sea while looking heavenwards into the sky. Power brings together passion with loyally, wisdom, and calming.

– Pleasure: with these powerful feelings, join Ebony on a rhythmic journey and indulge in the passion, power, and pleasure of soca music.

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Backline W/Backpack option only available with Endless Pleasure section. Midline option only available with Endless Power section. Frontline Monokini option only available with Endless Passion section.*